Advanced Computing Network- Quiz

Advanced Computing Network- Quiz

Advanced Computing Network- Quiz


Q-1 In Reverse Path Forwarding (RPF), router receives a packet and extracts the

  1. Protocol Address
  2. Source Address
  3. IP Address
  4. Standard Address

Q-2 A network can receive a multicast packet from a particular source only through a

  1. designated parent resolve
  2. designated protocol router
  3. designated parent rotator
  4. designated parent router

Q-3 In multicast communication, relationship is

  1. one to one
  2. one to many
  3. many to one
  4. one to all

Q-4 The ……… protocol allows the administrator to assign a cost, called the metric, to each route.

    1. OSPF
    2. RIP
    3. BGP

Q-5 The Open Shortest Path First(OSPF) protocol is an intradomain routing protocol based on routing.

  1. distance vector
  2. link state
  3. path vector
  4. non-distance vector

Q-6 Routing Information Protocol (RIP) cannot have more than 15 hops if Infinity is defined as

  1. 13
  2. 14
  3. 15
  4. 16

Q-7 Each node uses shortest path tree protocol to construct its

  1. link
  2. the routing table
  3. graph
  4. network

Q-8 Routing between autonomous systems is referred to as

  1. Interdomain Routing
  2. Interdomain Rotating
  3. Interdomain Resolving
  4. Interdomain Rating

Q-9 In periodic update, a node sends its routing table normally after every

  1. 10s
  2. 20s
  3. 30s
  4. 40s

Q-10 One well-known mandatory attribute of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is

  1. RIP
  3. OSPF
  4. ISP

Q-11 DVMRP is a ________routing protocol, based on RIP.

    1. source-based
    2. group-shared
    3. destination-based
    4. None of the choices are correct

Q-12 PIM-DM is used in a _______ multicast environment.


2. Sparse

3. Dense or Sparse

4. None of the choices are correct

Q-13PIM-SM is used in a _______multicast environment such as a WAN.


2. Sparse

3. Dense or Sparse

4. None of the choices are correct


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